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A few zillion years ago, I was a small-town girl in Eastern Montana who wanted to be a performer.  As soon as I could escape the frigid north, I went to the University of Oklahoma where I discovered that I loved directing and dramaturgy far more than I ever loved acting, and eventually got my BFA in Drama with emphasis in Dramaturgy.  Once I was unleashed on the professional world, I rambled around the country for a while until I finally found myself here, in my favorite city: New York.

Since then I’ve been diving in, getting myself involved in every quality project, company, and festival I can find.  I’ve co-founded Squeaky Bicycle Productions and directed new plays at some truly wonderful NYC companies.  Basically, I’m working toward living my dreams, seeking out incredible theatre artists and activities along the way.

Of course, there’s more to my story, but that’s what resumés, portfolios and blogs are for. Want to know what exactly has come from my studies, my rambling, and my diving?  Take a look around the site and find out!

Kathryn McConnell

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